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Shpageeza cricket league 2017 tickets

Shpageeza Online Tickets
Single Entry Full Day Ticket

KABUL: Shpageeza Cricket League 2017, Afghanistan’s premier cricket tournament held every year in the capital Kabul is commencing on 11 September and will come to an end on 22 September 2017. 


د شپږیزه کرکټ لیګ ټیکټونه د


نړیوال ګروپ څخه په کابل او ولایاتو کې په اسانۍ سره ترلاسه کولای شی دیوې ورځې تکت بیه. 200افغانی دواړه میچونه کتلی شی
تکتونو قیمت 1500افغانی. مکمل مینو دخوراک غرمنی سره
خوراکي توکې په ښه کفیت سره. په مناسبه بیه ستاسو په
خدمت کې دي

د خرڅلاو مرکزونه


حبیب ځاځی پارک
د اړیکو شمیری 0700999615

احمد شاه بابا مینه پکتیا مارکیټ دوهمه څلور لاری
د اړیکو شمیری 0700999615

عبدالحق څلور لاری
د اړیکو شمیری

افغان ابدالی سپورټس
شاه شهید لمړی سرک توتاخیل مارکیټ
د اړیکو شمیره

افغان ابدالی سپورټس دوهمه څانګه
بوت خاک څلور لاری باز محمد مارکیټ
د اړیکو شمیره

برجر دوبی رنګ فروشی
جاده میوند د پشتنی بانک تر څنګ
د اړیکو شمیره

ماموریت څلور لاری ارزان قیمت
د اړیکو شمیره

جلال اباد څانګې:

سراج العمارات بڼ عمومی دروازی تر څنګ.
عید ګاه مسجد عمومی دروازی تر څنګ.
د غنمو من‌‌‌‌‌‌ډوی لمړی نمبر دوکان .
د اړیکو شمیره 0776486070

خوست څانګه:
ګلشن عکاسخانه خوست ښار محکمی ته مخامخ دوکان نمبر 65
د اړیکو شمیره0777750787

لغمان څانګه:
د ښځو چارو پخوانی ریاست تر څنګ د پشیې
متحدی ټولنی مرکز.
د اړیکو شمیره 0788212922

کنړ څانګه:
قومندانی ته مخامخ د ځوانانو مدنی ټولنی د همغږی
مرکز د اړیکو شمیره 07766406

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MAIH Group wins Afghanistan Cricket League contract

MAIH Group

KABUL: MAIH Group Afghanistan  and Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) signed an agreement for match ticket management and services provision for the upcoming Shpageeza Cricket League 2017, Afghanistan’s premier cricket tournament held every year in the capital Kabul.

ACB leadership awarded the contract to multinational consulting and contracting firm MAIH Group for the provision of services for the Shpageeza Cricket League 2017 following a winning bid from the firm in an open auction. MAIH Group was announced the winner after placing a winning bid of 7,255,700 million Afghanis.

As per terms of agreement, MAIH Group will provide tickets in the capital and provinces to cricket fans through its branches by utilising state of the art match ticket management and sales systems.

ACB leadership urged cricket fans across the country to support their favourite teams and players in the upcoming tournament by purchasing tickets. ACB added that the attendance and support of fans for the tournament will make the event a memorable experience.

MAIH Group director Dr Zia Ur Rahman Zia assured ACB leadership of the commitment of the company to provide highly organised services through advanced match ticket management systems to give every cricket fan in Afghanistan the chance to purchase tickets for the upcoming event.

It has to be mentioned that in the very near future, MAIH Group will announce the addresses and contact details of the ticketing offices in the capital Kabul and across all major provinces of Afghanistan, for fans to get hold of tickets.

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