MAIH Group recruitment services are provided by our recruitment and human resources wing Afghan Recruiter.

Afghan Recruiter is a global pioneer in bringing international standards, best practices and latest technology to the recruitment industry in Afghanistan to match the best candidate with the right vacancy.

From the web, to mobile, to social media, we help companies find people with customised solutions and we use the world’s most advanced technology to match the right people to the right job.

We’ve made it our mission to help every Afghan find a job and help every company find better candidates. And nobody brings you more cutting edge tools to help you do just that than Afghan Recruiter.

Job Advertising

Our primary advertising package includes job specific PPC campaign, social media advertising, job boards, job alerts to registered candidates and Afghan Recruiter website.

Permanent Workforce Solutions

For companies who want to focus on more important aspects of the business, Afghan Recruiter can offer outsourced recruitment solution that embraces simplicity, transparency and productivity.

Non-Permanent Workforce Solutions

Under our Managed Service Program (MSP), Afghan Recruiter can provide you complete control over your non-permanent workforce, including temporary workers, contractors, consultants and resources engaged under a statement of work.

To learn more about our recruitment services, click on the link below:

Afghan Recruiter