MAIH Group training, linguistic education and linguistic support services are provided at its state of the art centre in the heart of Kabul, The Foreign Languages Institute.


Foreign Language Institute (FLI) is the first specialized and leading private language institute of its kind in Afghanistan. FLI is geared towards providing quality language education, trainings and corporate services to its clients from the public, private and nongovernmental sector.

We working and supporting some of the leading domestic and international corporations and public sector agencies throughout Afghanistan.

At FLI, we have a truly global team of highly qualified international citizens with expertise in a wide variety of markets from the America to Asia. We have a diverse group of over 100 dynamic individuals with strong tri-sectorial leadership, multicultural and multilingual backgrounds from across the world that make up our team.


With over 15 language programs, FLI offers Grade 14 College Diploma Programs, Immersion Programs for young and new learners, and Corporate Programs for organizations and professional.


With a state-of-the-art campus along with modern technology in the upmarket, safe and secure neighbourhood of Shahr-E-Now, FLI offers international recognized training sessions in foreign languages, numeracy, literacy, interpreting, translation, information technology, business administration, accounting and leadership.

Doing Business

As a subsidiary of the global conglomerate MAIH Group with offices across three continents in America, Europe and Asia, FLI is a recognized brand in the market. We offer our clients translation, interpreting and training services at our modern and state of the art centre in the heart of Kabul.

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The Foreign Languages Institute