International Business Development

MAIH Group has brought together a highly qualified and professional team of globalised citizens with extremely diverse set of skills, experience and expertise to create short as well as long-term value for our clients in a wide variety of markets from the East to the West. We help American and European companies pursue their business interests in Afghanistan and help Afghan companies reach global markets in Europe and America.
With MAIH Group, our partners get the chance to be at the source of the business and ahead of competition.


Market research | Market entry strategy | International growth strategy | Company formation and human resource services | Partnership development   | International sourcing and procurement | Government and public relations | Global strategic offices and teams


Agriculture | Aviation | Banking |, Finance | Insurance | Construction | Education | Food | Beverages | Energy | Healthcare| Pharmaceuticals | Chemicals | Biotechnology | Hospitality | Tourism | Import & Export | Information Technology | Electronics | Logistics | Transportation | Media | Machinery| Heavy equipment | Mining | Natural Resources, Retail | Manufacturing | Real estate