MAIH Group, from its inception has been a key player in promoting democracy, reducing inequalities, encouraging gender diversity and equity, preventing conflict, strengthening governance and being at the forefront of private and public sector development in Afghanistan. We have a very highly qualified and experienced team of experts in Afghanistan ranging from former ministers to academics and grass -root activists.

Our core capabilities

• Private sector development
• Public sector development
• Monitoring and evaluation
• Cultural and historical heritage preservation Construction
• Design-build
• Road, highway and bridge
• Public, private and commercial infrastructure
• Agriculture, water supply and irrigation
• Airport, military and police camps
• Mining, energy and power generation
• Health and educational infrastructure
• Construction consultancy
• Construction security
• Construction material and machinery supply

• Freight transportation (air, land and sea)
• Storage, warehousing and distribution
• Custom clearance
• Supply chain and project management
• Fuel, gas, generators and food supply
• Construction material and machinery supply
• I.T, electronics, furniture and office supply
• Cars, vans, trucks and security supply
• Insurance

MAIH Group construction is carried out by its construction wing Afghan Watan Road and Construction Company (AWRCC).

AWRCC has extensive experienced implementing the projects that are directly comparable to the proposed project; it offers professional services in the areas of:



AWRCC road construction projects planned and carried out in-house, so you can rest assured that we will take care of your project from inception to completion.

We regularly win construction projects from local government and international contractors in Afghanistan.

We have also won significant contracts purely on a quality selection basis.

Our construction works in the roads and bridges construction sector have been a key part of the company since our formation giving us extensive experience in the full scope of works, which includes a range of integrated road and highway maintenance services, including road and highway construction, highways maintenance and highway engineering, we specialise in providing integrated highways term maintenance and specialist highways services, such as surfacing, road repairs, pothole repairs, sign installation, traffic management, crash barrier systems and winter maintenance.

We recognise works in this sector can have a major impact on the local community. We routinely liaise with our client, local authorities, and stakeholder groups to ensure minimal disruption to the local people and businesses.



fence 1

AWRCC is one of Afghanistan’s leading company in perimeter and security fencing with over 10 years experience.

We have a skilled, experienced and dedicated workforce to offer outstanding services from design to finish.

We have installed perimeter and security fencing and gates for local government bodies, commercial entities, international contractors and local companies.

We design, supply and install all types of security fencing and gates.

We offer the highest level of service according to international and European standards.

We take care of everything for our clients – from start to finish – From digging the 1st hole, to fencing hectares of land to final fix.

We are qualified to fully design, risk assess, supply and install security fencing and automated gates, including installation & final commissioning of the electrics and a comprehensive maintenance contract covering parts and Labour.

Based on our construction capabilities, AWRCC can undertake all kind of construction related works to ensure strong, secure and tailored fencing to meet the clients needs.












1. Steal Security Fencing

Security Fencing

2. Mesh Security Fencing

Mesh Security Fencing

3. Security Railings

Security railings

4. Tri-Guard Fencing

Security Fencing

5. Sentry Round Bar Railings

Sentry Security Fencing

6. Welded Mesh Panels

Welded Mesh


7. Metal and Timber Combination Fencing

 Security Fence


• System, site and personal security and training
• Travel, accommodation and linguistic support
• Transportation, recruitment and event management