Investment Management

We specialize in providing practical, innovative investment and risk management solutions to meet the unique challenges of the today’s complex global economy. No matter what your investment requirements may be, we offer innovative domestic and international solutions. We work with prospective individual investors and companies to help them invest in LOW RISK, ETHICAL AND HIGH RETURN ventures. We work with you to put together a comprehensive strategy to target highly profitable areas of investment.

Our principle investment markets are United Kingdom, United States and Afghanistan. United Kingdom and United States are financial, business and political power houses with highly investor-friendly immigration policies offering high-worth investors the opportunity to become citizens. On the other hand, Afghanistan is one of the most natural resource rich countries in South Asia and offers huge Foreign Direct Investment opportunities for international companies.

Our key investment sectors:

• Agriculture
• Aviation
• Banking, finance and insurance
• Construction
• Education
• Food and drink
• Energy
• Healthcare, pharmaceuticals, chemical and biotechnology
• Hospitality and tourism
• Import and export
• Information technology and electronics
• Logistics and transportation
• Media
• Machinery and heavy equipment
• Mining and natural resources
• Retail and manufacturing
• Real estate
• Stock market