MAIH GROUP is an international consulting and contracting firm working in the private, public and non-governmental sector in Afghanistan, United Kingdom and United States. We work with the world’s most renowned businesses, government agencies and international organizations to bring long- term and sustainable opportunities to Afghanistan. MAIH GROUP is led by an international team of highly qualified, renowned and experienced practitioners, including many Afghan expatriates, who each offer a variety of skills set and expertise. Through our work, we have developed strong commercial, governmental and regional networks, and deep understanding of the socio-cultural needs of the local communities. Furthermore, we have a true global presence and work across three continents with headquarters in America and on-site offices in Britain, Germany and Afghanistan.

International organizations face major impediments hindering access to the huge opportunities available for business in Afghanistan include language barriers, lack of cultural understanding, complex logistical concerns, absence of credible and pre-qualified Afghan partners, never- ending legal bureaucracies, lack of business standards and weak contractual commitments.

This results in public and private organizations wasting millions of dollars, loss of time and failure in achieving organizational objectives. To bridge these gaps in developing strong business relationships and successfully achieve the objectives of our clients, MAIH Group has brought together a professional and experienced team of local and international experts to offer credible, cost-effective and high quality services to its clients giving them a competitive edge in an ever expanding market of business opportunities.


Whether projects involve business development, construction, logistics, mining, capacity building, banking, IT, security or investments; at any given time, there are thousands of deals being executed between Afghanistan and the rest of the world, and MAIH GROUP is at the forefront of making them happen.

Based on the diversity of our sectors and expertise of our partners, we are focused on sectors and clients, who offer our partners the most productive and profitable business opportunities in Afghanistan, United Kingdom and United States.


  • US and European Corporations
  • US and European Governments
  • World Bank
  • Asian Development Bank
  • United Nations
  • European Union
  • Major Federal Contractors
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Mining and Natural Resources
  • Construction, Logistics, Import and Export
  • Aviation, Machinery and Equipment
  • Banking, Finance and Insurance
  • Healthcare, Education and ICT
  • Agriculture, Food and Beverages
  • Retail, Electronics and Manufacturing
  • Real Estate, Tourism and Media
  • Management and Corporate Services
  • Development and Capacity Building
  • Security


Our mission is to provide bespoke services to our clients from the private, public and non-governmental sector to help them achieve their business development, government relations, contracting and investment management objectives in a number of countries across the world. At the same time, we aim to be the ideal place for the personal development of our employees and generate lucrative revenues for our shareholders.


Our strategy involves bringing experts and industry subject matter analysts to provide strategic guidance, support and access to European and US private, public and non-governmental sector organizations to achieve their organizational objectives in Afghanistan. Moreover, our cadre of former flag officers, senior business executives, political appointees, CEOs, and CIOs can provide access to senior decision makers. We have the subject matter expertise to address client’s needs. Our teams are focused and built to address your statement of work. We tailor and organize each project with experts who are familiar with your business. These team members, closely supervised


At MAIH GROUP, we have a truly global team of highly qualified international citizens with expertise in a wide variety of markets from the East to the West. We have a diverse group of dynamic individuals with strong tri-sectorial leadership, multicultural and multilingual backgrounds from across the world that make up our leadership team. Their mission and purpose is to create value and deliver results for our firm, our clients and our shareholders.



Maryam Atmar is the founder of MAIH Group, an experienced business manager, professional investment consultant, entrepreneur and philanthropist with over 12 years of experience. Having worked with Wells Fargo and Bank of America, Ms Atmar has invaluable expertise in real estate, stocks, bonds, mutual fund, and hedge fund investments. She is currently a board member of the British Afghan Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Afghan-American Chamber of Commerce and Afghana Foundation. She is fluent in English, German, Dari and Pashtu. She has a B.A. in Psychology (cum laude) and professional qualifications in Accounting and Management Banking from the American Institute of Banking Investors.


Mr Zia has a strong background in business, civil society, philanthropy, social and cultural affairs of Afghanistan. As an expert on Afghanistan tribal, political, and business affairs, Mr. Zia has served as an advisor to Afghan Government ministers and has been involved in numerous projects to promote civil society, democracy and is a known figure nationally for his conflict resolution skills in Afghanistan. He has been instrumental in implementing educational and capacity building projects in some of Afghanistan’s most remote and dangerous regions and was the lead for implementing the ‘Beggar Women’ Project, offering Afghan women shelter, food, and training in handicrafts. Prior to joining MAIH Group, Mr. Zia served as the Executive Director of the Afghan Craft Carpet Company, the Afghan Watan Construction Company, Hewad Education, Agricultural & Rehabilitation Organization (HEARO) and President of the Eastern Afghanistan Carpets.


Haroon Rashid Sherzad has been a Former Acting Minister and Deputy Minister (Policy and Coordination) at Ministry of Counter Narcotics, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Formerly, he was the National Program Officer for Counter Narcotics in United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime in Afghanistan and in the private sector, Mr Sherzad has worked as the country manager of Lapis Communications. He has developed Counter Narcotics Regional Strategy. He authored, “A Broadcasting Model for Afghanistan based on its National Development Strategy”, based on applied research, and is published in international market. He is co-author of “Counter Narcotics Public Information Manual for Planners and Implementers.” He has authored three (soon to be published) books on “Communication Strategy for Development Program”, “Monitoring and Evaluation in Public Awareness Campaigns in Afghanistan,” and “Counter Narcotics: Realities and Challenges.” He has also started writing a short story book “One City, Hundred Stories” based on his 14 years of experience and observations to provide the public with the information of the critical realities of the society with dramatic sense.

Mr Sherzad is native in the two local languages: Pashto and Dari. He is also fluent in Hindi and English. He holds a Bachelors of Art in Journalism from Kabul University. Subsequently, he was granted a Fulbright scholarship to Ohio University, USA and received a Master of Arts in Media Management and Communication for Development. He has also attended numerous courses and workshops relevant to his past and prior work in Afghanistan and in many developed and developing countries, prime examples are: study tour in Hiroshima, Japan, to study post-conflict recovery and rehabilitation, study tour in Thailand to understand elimination of drug economy, study tour in Colombia to understand counter narcotics multidimensional interventions.