At MAIH Group, we are always looking for visionary, driven and talented people to join our diverse, global and ambitious team. We offer permanent, part-time and flexible working hours to suit your lifestyle, and our business objectives. We are very interested to hear from experienced professionals from United Kingdom, United States, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Hong Kong in the following areas of expertise:

  • Financial services: tax consultants, wealth and asset managers, investment bankers, financial analysts, risk management, former World Bank, European Bank of Reconstruction and Asian Development bank executives, and related fields
  • Legal: corporate, immigration and criminal lawyers
  • Marketing consultants, government and public relations consultants, lobbyists, international trade and investment consultants and business development experts
  • Civil servants: especially former members of parliament, ministers and diplomats.
  • Graduates: MBAs, Business and Finance, Economics or any other related degrees

Email us your CV and covering letter to: